A perfect family match!

David and I had always dreamed of having children and a year into our marriage we started to try on our own. As months passed and nothing was happening, I started to consult our doctors. Doctor after doctor said the same thing; “just keep trying this should be easy!” As we approached the one-year mark on trying naturally, I finally got the referral to see a fertility specialist. After our initial testing and first meeting with our doctor, we learned that David had poor morphology and I had a diminished ovarian reserve. But the doctor told us the same thing we had been hearing “you’re only 28 and David is 38, this should be easy!”

Well it continued to not be easy. After 3 failed IUIs we moved on to IVF. We went through 4 egg retrievals, which only totaled in 4 embryos. When it was time to start with frozen embryo transfers, we were told the same thing “this should be easy!” After each failed transfer, I sought out more and more specialists. It felt like we saw every doctor that ended in “-ist!” But after each allergist, hematologist, etc. appointment nothing was changing. I was put on every medication in the fertility field and had every type of procedure done. We even switched fertility clinics yet nothing was changing. After we failed with our last embryo we finally heard “this is not going to be easy, but we think we have a potential answer.” After many conversations with our doctor and much soul searching we came to the conclusion that embryo adoption was the ideal fit for our family.

Our doctor highly recommended Snowflakes and we soon began the embryo adoption process. We flew through each phase with the help of the wonderful people at Snowflakes. With each step completed, we grew more and more excited knowing that we would soon be matched with a placing family. I will never forget receiving that email right after the holidays; “we have a match!”

As soon as we read our placing family’s profile, we knew we were a perfect fit! The next steps flew by as well and by the end of that summer I was FINALLY pregnant. I gave birth to our daughter, our little Snowflakes baby, in May. We have a wonderful relationship with our placing family and we truly feel that we were meant to be.

It may not have felt like it at times, but we wouldn’t change a single thing about our journey to our daughter. We feel truly blessed.

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