I was sssssssooooooo excited to meet them in person!


So, it all started when my parents had extra embryos. They wanted to give them life. They found a family. The family was called Ali and Derick.

At first I was shy of them when I met them on the phone, but I was excited that I would have a new sibling. When I went on the airplane to see them I was sssssssooooooo excited to meet them in person! It turned out they have a farm. I love animals so that made me even more happy! We watched lots of movies. I got to meet their family. Ali’s sister has almost the same name as my mom. We played with their dogs and had BUNK BEDS for me and my siblings. The week came to an end.

We face-timed all the time, but then it was May and they went to the hospital. A baby girl was born and her name is Franny!!! Then a few months later we went to visit again so they could meet our family. We had so much time together and now they are coming to visit us again. We face-time all the time and are really close. We hope we can be friends forever. The end.

Love, Kailey

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