Helping Another Family

I had always wanted children. I made an appointment with a fertility specialist. During our consultation, we discussed the process of what it would take for me to try to get pregnant.

By the time I decided to move forward with IVF tests showed that my fertility had diminished. Receiving that information was a jagged pill to swallow. However, I wanted children so much, that I decided to move forward with using donor egg and sperm so I could pursue my pilgrimage to conceive. I loved my to-be children eternally before they were even blastocysts in a petri dish. Through the conception process, I ended up with 8 embryos. I had a transfer with 2 of the embryos and became pregnant with my twins – a boy and a girl!

Since I believe that life begins at the moment of conception, my six remaining embryos were frozen until I could make a decision about them. I contacted the Nightlight Snowflakes Embryo Adoption agency and went through counseling to ensure that I understood the ramifications of placing the embryos with a family. I decided to move forward. Like anyone placing their embryos for adoption I wanted a loving family that could provide a good home and a beautiful life. I really appreciated that Snowflakes encouraged communication between matched families.

The adopting family now has twin girls and a boy from two successful transfers.   We are now in the planning stages for the children to meet each one another. We are excited beyond words!

People sometimes ask me if I have any feeling of loss or regret that I could not have genetic children of my own, and do I maybe love them any less because they are not my genetic children? My response, without hesitation, is always no – because I am their mommy! I’m also so happy that our adopting family has children now, children who otherwise may not have been born.

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