Given the SHOT (pun intended) at life

Tori and Sam completed their first frozen embryo transfer in October 2022. Tori shared her thoughts as they prepared for their transfer day.

"I was going back and forth on sharing this, but I know to believe in the power of prayer and the importance of this day. Today we transferred two of our 13 embryos. After 20 years of being frozen, they are given the SHOT (pun intended) at life.

I sit here feeling so honored that the Lord saw fit for us to do embryo adoption. A year ago I took time off of work to pray about the burden I had about having children. I knew I was supposed to carry children. I had the strongest desire to do so, but in that moment I begged God to take that feeling away.

He didn’t, and today I know why.

We have been waiting six years for these babies, and they have been waiting 20 years for us.

Thank you to everyone who has gone through this journey with us. We ask for your prayers for embryo A and embryo B in that the Lord’s will be done. If we only get a week with them or decades, we love them all the same. Our prayer is for a baby (or babies!), but as we know God’s plan is perfect despite the outcome.

In the reminding words of my sister, “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”
Psalm 118:24

So we will thank Him today, tomorrow, and each day we are gifted in the life of these precious gifts from God. Plus a huge thank you to our donors who chose us to be the parent of their precious babies."

Tori and Sam are now pregnant with one child from this embryo transfer of two, Day 3, 20- year, slow frozen embryos. Please continue to pray for their pregnancy!

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