Evan & Susan's Story

How God Answered Our Prayers with Ashley

We both felt strongly that we were being called by God to adopt a child. We have a 3-year old son, Joshua, but after he was born, we started discussing the idea of adopting a child. A dear friend, Paul Koch, told us about Nightlight. Although we did check out another agency, we just didn’t feel the warmth we did with the people at Nightlight.

With the decision made, we asked for the paperwork, completed the gathering of our paperwork in three weeks and then proceeded with the rest of the Homestudy. Then we waited. At the time, it seemed long, but it actually only took a few months. We had a vacation planned and asked our social worker if it was all right to go ahead and take it. She assured us that was fine. You just had no way of knowing when a birthmother was going to select your family. So we went ahead with our plans, packed our bags, had Susan’s mother drive us to the airport, checked our bags, and that’s when the cell phone rang. We’d been selected! Oh my! Our bags were already on their way to Texas, but we hadn’t boarded yet.

We called Susan’s mother and asked her to come pick us up. “What’s wrong? Is there a problem with the airplane?” she asked. We told her everything was fine—we’d gotten the call and there was a baby for us! We could see God’s hand throughout this entire adoption. The fact that we were going on vacation, was actually a tremendous blessing. It meant that we had cleared our calendars for the next two weeks and could devote all of our time to our precious new little daughter.

Ashley has now been with us a little over two months. Our son has adjusted very well to his little sister, who he is very careful to protect. We are just in awe of God’s blessing us with this precious little one and are very grateful to have been part of His plan.

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