Embryo Donation Brings Peace of Mind

Kurt and I, after trying so long to get pregnant on our own, were so thankful that in-vitro worked the first time around, blessing us with Kevin, Kyle, and Samantha. What a joy they are in our lives!

We agreed we were done now having children, yet I didn't feel we were finished--what were we to do with our remaining embryos was nagging me. I couldn't leave them in limbo, and I wasn't at peace with them being destroyed by donating to research. Learning about embryo adoption was interesting, and a bit overwhelming at first. The idea of strangers giving birth to my embryos...wow! But at the same time, it made sense.

It was a great solution--It could save the lives of our embryos and give the life of a child to a couple much like us, one we would choose. The embryo adoption process at Snowflakes enabled us to match with the adopting couple to ensure a loving, secure home.

Today we can't imagine anything greater. The adopting couple is incredible parents and their little Samantha couldn't be more blessed. Embryo Adoption fulfilled our hopes and finished the process with everyone living happily ever after.

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