“God created me, a tiny little seed.”

Our family used Nightlight Christian Services in adopting our "snowflake" daughter, Makenna. We have a semi-open relationship with her genetic family and periodically, I send them photo books with updates on Makenna. Embryo adoption has been such a gift to us and I am so thankful to our genetic family for sharing the ultimate gift of life with us through their three remaining embryos. I wrote this poem & included it in one of the first photo books we sent them. I hope as Makenna grows up she will read it and know what a perfect plan God had for her all along.

"God created me, a tiny little seed
You gave me the gift of life and recognized my need
The need to find that family that was praying for me so,
You shared me with them and they helped me to grow
from a tiny little snowflake, no one would have guessed
into beautiful baby Makenna, the gift of happiness!"

(Makenna's name actually means the gift of happiness:))

We adopted three embryos from them. Makenna was born on June 2, 2010 and we had a son born in October of 2013!!

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