A Perfect Match

My husband and I decided to embark on our IVF journey in 2016. Our hope, our dream, was to have a large family. Naturally, this was our entire focus; although we previously had two kids, we wanted at least one more blessing from God.

After our first transfer that was unsuccessful, we decided to wait a couple months and try for the last time putting it all in God’s hands. With much frustration, tears, and prayers we decided to pursue a second transfer. And it worked! We were told it was TWINS!

My pregnancy was very difficult—nothing about getting pregnant and being pregnant was easy. After the boys were born at a 37 weeks, I diagnosed with placenta accreta and had to have an emergency hysterectomy. Our family was complete. We were blessed!

But now what? We had frozen embryos remaining...waiting for their chance at life. We knew we did not want to discard them, so I contacted the specialist I saw for our IVF treatment. He recommended the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program through Nightlight Christian Adoptions.

I knew after talking to them the first time this was where we needed to donate our embryos.

The process was so simple, informative, and very heart felt. Amazing was an understatement. We immediately started the paperwork and in a couple months we were placed into matching.

Our first match was the perfect match. The connection with them was instantaneous!  We knew right away they were the family God choose for our embryos. They were going to be wonderful parents. This couple have hearts for God, and an incredible amount of faith.

We stay in contact with our adoptive family, share memories, and pray for each other. This sweet family is now pregnant with their first baby and we could not be more excited for them! We are forever grateful to Nightlight for helping us throughout this journey, and for connecting us with our beautiful adoptive family.

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