Jonah #15

Snowflakes: In My Own Words

Hello, my name is Jonah Vest, a student at Clemson University. For me, being born through Snowflakes Adoption was something special.

It’s not every day you hear somebody say, “yeah I was actually frozen for 5 years!”.  At the time I was applying for college, there was a lot of negative political stigma around the term “snowflake”, and that didn’t sit right with me. Snowflakes are something beautiful and each one perfectly unique. I felt the need to express what the true meaning of being a “snowflake” was. In my college essay I outlined what the political stigma meant and explained what being a “snowflake” meant for me.

It means life, love, opportunity, and most of all faith. Snowflakes adoption has not only literally brought me to life, but has granted my family with the opportunity they always dreamed of. I will forever be grateful for Snowflakes and the unique story it has given me, and I am proud to be called a Snowflake.

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