What to Expect from the Home Study Process

  What is a home study and why do I need one? A home study is a written assessment that verifies whether a potential family is qualified to adopt or foster. It typically includes education/trainings, home visits with a home study provider, and gathering a variety of supporting documents (i.e., birth certificates, physicals, marriage certificate, […]

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What to Expect from your Embryo Adoption Home Visit

  Requiring a pre-adoption assessment as part of the embryo adoption process follows the best practices of adoption.  Part of this home study or Snowflakes Family Evaluation (SFE) process is the home visit.  Not to be confused with the home study, which is the entire assessment process (including education, background checks, medical and financil information, […]

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Nightlight Christian Adoptions: Colorado State License Renewed

Congratulations to the Nightlight Colorado adoption agency professional staff! On Tuesday of this week the state of Colorado adoption licensing division visited our offices for their annual review of our services. The licensing staff completed a thorough examination of our adoption services over the past year and makes note of any areas of deficiency needing […]

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