The Impact of Snowflakes Embryo Adoption

Embryo Adoption is certainly a new and sometime unknown adoption choice for families, but the good news is spreading quickly. The infografic below shows small glimpse into the impact the Snowflakes Program and embryo adoption are having around the country. Could embryo adoption be the adoption option you've been searching for? Learn more at

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Huang Family's Story of Embryo Adoption

To learn more about Embryo Adoption visit

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Merry Christmas! The Miracle of Human Growth and Development

Excerpts from a speech made by L. Ralph Rohr, M.D., January 24, 1988 Two microscopic cells, egg and sperm, each smaller than a speck of dust, whose survival is short and their usual destiny is death, but for a unique encounter, in a unique time and place. Two separate incomplete ones, part of a man […]

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It's A Girl!

On the September 30 episode of The Katie Show, Kelli and Dan Gassman announced they are pregnant with their embryo adopted son Trevors genetic sibling. They said they would know the gender of the baby until November 8. Well, that date has passed and & drum roll please.... the Gassmans are welcoming a daughter into […]

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Our Ethical Obligation to Embryos

eth•i•cal [eth-i-kuh l] adjective 1. pertaining to or dealing with morals or the principles of morality; pertaining to right and wrong in conduct. 2. being in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct or practice, especially the standards of a profession. What is our moral obligation toward embryos? Nightlight developed the Snowflakes program […]

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Dr. Rachel Explains Embryo Adoption

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Did You Miss It? We Have You Covered

Katie Couric recently dedicated the opening segment of her nationally syndicated talk show to embryo donation and adoption. The segment, titled "Snowflake Babies" focused on the story of embryo adoptive parents Kelly and Dan Gassman and their 9-month-old son Trevor. Dr. Robin Poe Zeigler, a Reproductive Endocrinologist from New Hope Fertility Center, and our very […]

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Embryo Adoption Awareness Center Receives Two New Grants

Nightlight's Embryo Adoption Awareness Center (EAAC), having submitted comprehensive proposals based on previous successes, is pleased to announce being awarded two grants from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The purpose of these grants is to increase public awareness of embryo donation and adoption, and ultimately increase the number of children being born […]

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Embryo Adoption Leads to an Unexpected Surprise

To learn more about Embryo Adoption visit the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption page of

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