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Inga Wismer has had quite the journey to building her family. She's got a son from her first marriage, as well as two children with her second husband. After two miscarriages and an adoption disruption, the couple decided to try something new – embryo adoption.

In this Life News article, Inga speaks of her new son, and the feelings she had leading up to his birth. “During my pregnancy I was worried that the baby might feel unfamiliar as I would not be able to recognize my or my husband’s features in him. I was worried about our bonding, especially after the experience that we had with a failed adoption. However, from the minute I’ve met my son and he looked at me, I felt that he is completely and totally my own. We felt that amazing instant connection that we belong together and everything happened the way it was meant to be. It does not cross my mind that he is adopted– he is miraculously my flesh and my bones even though we do not share the DNA. He is mine!”

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