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Over the years, embryo adoption has touched the lives of thousands of families. This story from Fox News highlights two families in particular, the Trabuns and Gassmans.

The Trabuns from Dallas, Texas, have four children – three are from adopted embryos, and one was conceived naturally. They haven't met their donor family in person yet, but they're taking all of the steps to keep in contact – they keep in contact via email, and even exchange gifts on birthdays. It's not certain what kind of relationship the children from both families will have down the road, but both the donors and the Trabuns wanted to offer their children the opportunity to know each other.

For the Gassmans from Oregon, the relationship goes beyond immediate family. Their donor family has met the Gassmans' parents, and the Gassmans have some connections to the parents of their donors. "We have kind of been adopted into their family and vice versa," says Kelli Gassman.

Embryo adoption was also featured on Fox News in January 2014. Learn about the families and their stories.

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