Interested in Being Assigned SFE Clients? Complete the following training:

The following are the educational requirements that all families adopting through the Snowflakes program will complete. Since you will be discussing adoption preparation and training with them, it is important that you are familiar with the material as well. Links to all of the documents and webinars are provided below. SFE’s will not be assigned to workers who haven’t completed the training.

You will also need to review and understand the SFE Process document which is located on Nightlight Share Point in the Snowflakes Family Evaluation Folder. Other important SFE supporting documentation is also located in this folder for use by Social Workers. This is where the most current version of documentation regarding SFEs is maintained.

Read all the materials in the compendium below:

Compendium of Reading Materials

Webinar List:


Your embryo adopting clients are required to select, view and report on their findings from the following list of webinars. It is recommended you watch ALL of them.

Roadmap of Your Embryo Adoption Journey