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Focus: Adopting Embryos Through Snowflakes

  • 7 Helpful Self-Care Tips as You Work to Overcome Infertility
  • Speaking to Your Doctor About Embryo Adoption
  • The Journey to Pregnancy: Laying the Adoption Foundation
  • Achieving Matching Success: How the Matching Process Works
  • A Journey From Two Sides
  • Building Relationships and the Legal Security of Embryo Adoption
  • Traveling First Class: Embryos Arrive Safely
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Focus: Placing Embryos Through Snowflakes

  • Understanding the Process of Placing Embryos for Adoption
  • Embryo Adoption Frees a Flurry of Snowflakes
  • Placing Your Embryos for Adoption: First Things First
  • Dot Your ‘i’s and Cross Your ‘t’s: FDA Compliance for Embryo Donation
  • Giving Careful Consideration to Creating Embryos
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Focus: Successful Parenting – The Home Study

  • 10 Pregnancy Myths
  • In Process: Choosing and Completing an Embryo Adoption
  • What Is a Home Study, and Why Is It Important?
  • 9 Tips to Long-Term Success in Adoptive Parenting
  • An Embryo Adoption Success Story of International Proportions!
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Focus: Importance of Open Relationships

  • Coffee and Pregnancy
  • Nine Pregnancy No-Nos
  • Unexpected Family! Embracing a greater Joy
  • The Process of Embryo Adoption
  • How to Raise Truly Thankful Kids
  • The Search for Identity
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Focus: Choosing to Place Embryos

  • Twenty Years Strong
  • Do You Have Embryos in Frozen Storage?
  • Embryo Quality: Is It an Accurate Predictor of Pregnancy Success or Failure?
  • Emotional Healing through Embryo Donation
  • Grief Speaks First
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Focus: Normalizing Embryo Donation & Adoption

  • 10 Unusual Predictors of Your Baby’s Gender – learn about the different myths that have surrounded baby gender-guessing for centuries
  • Are Donor-Conceived Children ‘Normal?’ – discover why donor-conceived children aren’t any different than their naturally-conceived peers
  • “It’s a Life-Giving Option and We’re on the Receiving End of That” – read about two families that were brought together through embryo adoption
  • Open Embryo Adoption – Radical or Common Sense? – get an overview of open embryo adoption, and why it’s in the best interests of children born through embryo donation and adoption
  • 7 Questions Adopted Children Ask – gain an understanding of the feelings that adopted children experience, and how you can help them through those feelings
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Focus: Building New, Important Relationships

  • New Life: Born from Loss – the true story of an adoptive family and a placing family who have navigated the process of open embryo adoption
  • Difficult Decisions – guidance for those considering embryo donation
  • Consequences of Openness – an insightful look at how open embryo adoption benefits all involved
  • Understanding the Cost of Infertility Treatments and Adoption Services
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Focus: Understanding Biology vs Biography

  • Biology and how open adoption matters to adopted children
  • Understanding how open embryo adoption works
  • Preparing your body for a successful pregnancy with holistic options
  • A new kind of orphanage in the United States where more than 600,000 potential lives are in limbo
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Focus: Embryo Adoption – a Successful Option

  • Live and Family – A Continental Journey
  • 10 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Struggling with Infertility
  • Reproductive Planning – why you’re never too young to start
  • The facts about infertility, and options for building a family
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