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Making a decision for adoption is entwined with so many emotions. You wanted to make the best decision for your baby and for yourself and there is pain, joy, regret, hope, etc. Perhaps you expected some of these emotions and perhaps the grieving process has caught you by surprise. Maybe you feel nothing because feeling all these emotions is just too overwhelming. Whether you placed your child for adoption recently or it has been years, we are here to help and support you.

Nightlight is here to connect with you as you navigate life after your adoption placement.

  • Contact us – We will reach out to you at various times during the year to offer resources and an opportunity to connect with us but know that you can always contact us. Even if your Pregnancy Counselor is no longer with our agency, we remember you and have staff available to speak with you.
  • Share your story – Whether this is formally through an opportunity with Nightlight or just sharing with our staff, it is important for you to talk about your feelings and experiences in adoption. We are here to listen.
  • Annual Family Picnic – This is a great opportunity to stay connected with us in person if you are able to travel. Each of our state offices holds a picnic each year that more of our birthmothers are attending, with or without their child’s adoptive family. Let this be a time you can connect with them, with our staff, and other birthmoms.

If you are looking for support in specific areas, please reach out and let us know. We have some resources here on our website for you but can connect you to many others.

  • Resources – We have books, blogs, and resources available to send to you for whatever needs you have. There are several listed on our site under the Resources tab.
  • Counseling – We have many staff that can meet with you for informal or formal counseling. We can also connect you to a private counselor if you want to seek help outside our agency.
  • Support Groups – We would love to connect you with other birthmothers, either through our agency or with a local support group.
  • Guidance in relationship with your adoptive family and child – We are here to help you navigate your relationship with your child’s adoptive family and your child. Whether it has been a few months or several years, please contact us so we can support you.

Below are some general websites that give various resources, articles, blogs, and support groups with other birth mothers that may give some support as you process the emotions you have from your adoption placement.
Post-Adoption Support Groups:


See this site below if you are looking for help with financial or tangible needs. We have some organizations listed out by state and can help you locate other help if you reach out to us.

The Nightlight staff you worked with throughout your adoption will continue to support you after adoption. If you told us originally you did not want counseling but are reconsidering that, we would love to offer this service to you now. The Post Adoption Connection Center is here to provide additional support and give you a place to come to as needs arise. No matter how long it has been, Nightlight wants to connect with you and provide support.

Post Adoption Connection Center Coordinator
Heather Sloan, LBSW
(254) 741-1633

Nightlight Christian Adoptions has acquired the files for several agencies over the years and we are here to support you if you placed years ago with one of these agencies. Contact us here at the Post Adoption Connection Center if you have lost touch with your previous caseworker and agency so we can support your needs.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions serves clients from the following former agencies:
A Helping Hand
Generations Adoptions
Heritage Family Services
Love Basket
Carolina Hope
MLJ Adoptions
Florida Home Studies
Evangelical Welfare Agency
Family Ministries
Christian Adoption and Family Services
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