What is different about Orphan Galaxy?

Orphan Galaxy enables small donors to make a big impact by pooling their resources. By making an affordable monthly donation, donors are able to make a positive contribution toward solving many different problems facing orphans. Most organizations are focused on helping only in one or two specific areas.

What areas of need does Orphan Galaxy address?

Orphan Galaxy has divided its areas of need into five broad categories—each addressing specific needs. The areas are (1) financial and material help to orphans and orphanages, (2) help to children “aging out” of the orphanage system, (3) sponsorship of tours of orphans to the U.S. to raise awareness of the needs of orphans to the U.S. to raise awareness of the needs of orphans world-wide, (4) scholarships for families willing to adopt special needs children, including older children, who might not otherwise find permanent families, and (5) supporting programs to prevent the trafficking of children out of orphanages and foster care.

Are all monies raised through Orphan Galaxy used to fund Nightlight programs?

No. The goal of Orphan Galaxy is to fund programs that already exist or to start new programs where there is a need and no effective program exists. We support other organizations like The Harbor in St. Petersburg, Russia, Make Way Partners and Innocence Restored who combat child trafficking and help children rescued from trafficking, and others.

What are Orphan Galaxy’s goals for raising money to help orphans?

With 1,000 donors giving $25 per month, we would have $300,000 per year to support the various programs. As the number of donors increase, we would be able to increase our effectiveness exponentially.

What is the best way to help?

Become a Star in the Orphan Galaxy by committing to $25 per month (or more) and recruit others to help. You can name your own Constellation and recruit friends and family to be part of something bigger than themselves.
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