The purpose of the Nightlight Foundation is to: “Help families who might not otherwise adopt, adopt children who might not otherwise be adopted.”  In other words, the fund offers assistance to financially needy families to adopt hard to place children.

This fund operates like a foundation, so you have confidence that the money will not be used for operating expenses (though Nightlight appreciates your generosity there as well)!  Instead, this fund is held in Trust, and administered by a volunteer board.  As adoptive families apply for the loan, their application will be reviewed by the Nightlight Foundation committee.  We expect the interest free loans to be paid back over five years, to replenish the account and create a sustainable fund for future families to benefit.

Since this fund is of a different kind, perhaps this is the time to consider a different kind of gift.  The Nightlight Foundation is of an enduring nature…it is the perfect time to consider “planned giving.”  In other words, this is a fitting place for a gift from a trust or estate.

We are already half-way to our goal of $100,000 for the Nightlight Foundation.  Will you help fully endow this trust so that 5 more families will get the help they need every single year?  Just think, if the Nightlight Foundation reaches our goal, 20 years from now over 100 families will have received the extra help they need to bring a waiting child home.


Helping families adopt