Nightlight Christian Adoptions Foundation Grant

Financial Assistance From Nightlight

In order to maintain program fees which allow more families to provide homes to children without parents, Nightlight relies on donations from its client families and other supporters. The Nightlight Foundation assists families who might not otherwise be able to afford the costs of primarily international adoption to adopt a child who might not otherwise be adopted.

Our awards committee review applications and make awards of $500.00 – $5,000.00 to prospective adopting families.  These awards, underwritten by donations to Nightlight and the operating budget of the agency, will be issued as credits against the program fees for eligible adopting families.  The grants are meant to assist families and do not replace the needed financial commitments and other fundraising efforts which the family may undertake.

Families submitting an application for the Nightlight Foundation grant must meet the following criteria:

1. Must be either matched or pre-matched with an identified child (exceptions given to families in the Snowflakes program)

2. Must schedule and complete a meeting with the Nightlight Family Resource Specialist to discuss available adoption funding and resources available to the prospective adoptive family.

3. Must have already created a crowdfunding page on

4. Must have an approved and current home study.

Nightlight Grant Application Form

Interested families should complete the application form and submit it along with the following documentation to their Nightlight Adoption Advisor.

1. Financial and Net Worth Statement

2. General Consent Form

3. Copy of Tax Returns for the prior two (2) years [minimum of first two pages of Form 1040]

Your Adoption Advisor will forward your application to the appropriate review panel and then will notify you when an award determination is made.

Please note that if your account with Nightlight results in a credit where a refund is due, we will deduct this grant amount before issuing a refund/credit. For instance, if you raise enough funds on Adoption Bridge or are awarded a grant from another organization that is paid to Nightlight, and your account has a credit, before issuing you a refund for the overage we will deduct the grant you received from either the Nightlight Foundation to replenish those funds for future families.

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