Adoption Fundraising

Adoption Fundraising

It is possible to make your adoption affordable. Nightlight will partner with you to explore all options, and help make it happen. Some Nightlight clients have fully funded their adoption through no-interest loans, grants, tax credits, and fundraising!

Why Is Adoption So Expensive?

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Below is an example of how a typical couple could fund an adoption from Russia, which could cost about $42,000, but may only require $9,000 out of pocket expenses. Click on the links below to learn more about each source of funding.


Total Expenses $42,000

Grants $5,000

Loans $10,000

Fund Raising $4,500

Tax Credit $13,500

AAP $Monthly payments to you from the state!

Out of Pocket $9,000

Keep in mind that adoptions from foster care are generally free, or minimal cost.  In fact, families who provide foster care or who adopt from foster care are eligible for a monthly stipend from the state, free medical care, and other subsidies.

Adoption Fundraising

Adoption Fundraising

Fundraising Resources through Nightlight


Adoption Bridge

AdoptionBridge is a website where you can tell your adoption story, post pictures, videos, and keep people informed about what’s going on. You can accept donations from your friends and family, and these funds are sent to Nightlight (or your adoption agency). Set up a page for your adoption, and then send the link to all your friends, church members, family, etc.

Nightlight Foundation (formerly “Babushka Fund”) Scholarship Program

This need-based fund supports the adoption of hard to place or special needs children through domestic adoption or international adoption. Our scholarship committee reviews applications and awards available money to prospective adopting families.

Nightlight Foundation Scholarship Information & Application