Feel Good Friday: Reunification in Uganda

It was only yesterday that we welcomed baby Grace into our home.  She was born a preemie at 7 months and her mum plus sibling both passed away at birth. She weighed only 1.2 kgs and was still very under-developed, even the hospital didn’t expect Grace to make it.  She was feeding through an ng […]

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Tender Hearts Grand Opening Celebration

I am not even sure where to begin.  The trip to Uganda last week and the grand opening of Tender Hearts Baby Home was overwhelming to say the least.  First, I want to thank all the mission team members from Nightlight’s team and Grace Life Fellowship for working so hard to get the final touches […]

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Nightlight Volunteers turn Tragedy into Hope

Three months ago and on the other side of the globe, a 2-year-old African orphan named Vivian died of bacterial meningitis. While the news might not seem so out of the ordinary considering the continent's state of affairs, Vivian's death was a blow to two local residents who had met and come to love the […]

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The Pearl of Africa

Uganda is known as the Pearl of Africa, and we have certainly found the pearl of Uganda. Heart of a Child Uganda is the NGO that runs Tender Hearts Baby's Home.  The directors are Kenneth and Cathy.  Each time that I have traveled and gotten to know Kenneth and Cathy better, I am so thankful […]

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Uganda Update (ways to support the team's work)

Here is a list of projects that Kenneth (Tender Hearts Baby's Home Director) has suggested the October team could do while in Uganda. Contact us if you would like to donate towards one of these projects.

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Uganda Praise: Baby's Home Rent

Last week I sent out an urgent message that the rent at the Tender Hearts Baby's Home was due at the end of the month. We must pay 6 months of rent each time and the total due was $4,200. As of Friday of last week, we had raised $4,065! I was overwhelmed by your […]

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Urgent Uganda!

Dear Nightlight Friends and Family, It is hard to believe that it has already been 6 months since we opened the baby's home in Uganda. God has been faithful to see us through to receive our license, and we now have 3 babies being cared for in the home. Our next 6 months of rent […]

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Update from Uganda: Tender Hearts Baby's home

[A few days ago, a deadly suicide attack in Uganda made international headlines.] Good News! We have been able to make contact with everyone that we work with in Uganda; our attorney, Veronica at The Comforter Center, and Kenneth at Tender Hearts Baby's Home. Everyone is safe! Praise the Lord. In addition, Kenneth tells us […]

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