Uganda Update (ways to support the team's work)

Here is a list of projects that Kenneth (Tender Hearts Baby's Home Director) has suggested the October team could do while in Uganda. Contact us if you would like to donate towards one of these projects.

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Uganda Video

Nightlight Christian Adoptions has put together a video with photos from our last mission trip to Uganda. It tells a great story about the people of Uganda and is very compelling. Please feel free to use this video in your church and community events to raise support for Tender Hearts Babies Home.

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Uganda Mission Team: A few more openings available

We are extending one more opportunity for you to join the Uganda Mission Team if you feel led to do so

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Uganda Praise: Baby's Home Rent

Last week I sent out an urgent message that the rent at the Tender Hearts Baby's Home was due at the end of the month. We must pay 6 months of rent each time and the total due was $4,200. As of Friday of last week, we had raised $4,065! I was overwhelmed by your […]

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