Rules for Successfully Adopting Out of Birth Order

  In adoption, it is important to consider where the potential adopted child would fall into a family’s birth order. Birth order refers to the chronological age of each child in a family in relation to their siblings. In biological families, when children are added to the family, they are naturally younger than the children […]

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Navigating Tough Conversations: How to Discuss the Hard Parts of your Child's Story

  Adoptive parents often find themselves facing difficult conversations with their children, especially when it comes to discussing the hard parts of their story. Whether it's the circumstances surrounding their adoption, the trauma they may have experienced, or questions about their biological family, these discussions are crucial for building trust, understanding, and resilience in children. […]

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The Gift of Sanctification

  From where I sit and from what I have heard, most Christian social workers, case workers, foster parents, and adoptive parents share at least one calling in common: to take up the cause of the fatherless and to look after the orphaned (Isaiah 1:17 and James 1:27). This call, as well as the desire […]

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Supporting your Adopted Child During the Holidays

  Christmas can be so magical, and it can be fun to watch your child’s excitement and anticipation during the holiday season. But, Christmas time can also be a difficult time of year for children who joined their family through adoption or foster care. The holidays may bring up difficult memories from previous holidays or […]

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Post Adoption Resources

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you                                                                                                                         Matthew 7:7   Adoption is a beautiful, life-changing experience filled with joy and challenges. Although completing the adoption process and waiting for what feels like an eternity is difficult and a huge achievement, […]

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Balancing Your Child's Privacy After Adoption

  Your adoption is complete and you have settled nicely into a routine. You are now ready to start adventuring out and bringing family and friends in. As you approach new communities and introduce your child to those you love, it can be hard not to share all the details about how your family became […]

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Talking about Birth Siblings

Adoption conversations with your child can be difficult. If your adopted child has a birth sibling being parented by one or both birth parents, it may be tempting to hide that information from them. You may feel as though you are protecting them from heartache, but as with all adoption conversations, the most important rule […]

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Finding an Adoption-Competent Therapist

  Adoption has a lifelong impact on everyone involved - children, birth families, and adoptive families. Most families seek post adoption support at some point - whether immediately after bringing a child home or years down the road. Post adoption support can include educational resources, support groups, respite opportunities, counseling/therapy, or parent coaching.   When […]

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Why Foster Teens?

  The attitudes. The cell phones. The hormones. Are these things that come to mind when you think of teens in foster care? It’s true — all teens, whether in foster care or not, can be challenging. Being a foster care parent to teens is hard, but it is also incredibly rewarding. Plus, teens also […]

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Compassion Fatigue in Fostering

  It’s ok to say no…   People make the decision to be foster parents for many different reasons.  Many of those reasons come back to one core reason, the desire to help a child.  If you’ve made the decision to foster or are considering fostering, chances are good that you are compassionate.  That compassion […]

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