Adopting the HIV Positive Child, Part III: Telling Your Family and Friends

Before you adopt a child—any child—it is only natural to consider what the response of friends and family will be. After all, this is one of the steps in the adoption process—telling others.

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Adopting the HIV Positive Child, Part II

Adopting a child from another country who is HIV positive requires no special visa beyond the usual IR-3 or IR-4 visas. However, you will want to be prepared for the adoption, getting through the process of bringing a child home, and the care of a such a child. We will next discuss the day-to-day issues of raising an HIV+ child.

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Adoption and HIV, Part 1: Know the Facts

Many families are now choosing to adopt children who are HIV positive. The children can come from any country, but the majority of HIV positive children come from Africa.  About 3 million children in sub-Saharan Africa are infected with the HIV virus, and 90% of all children with HIV come from this region. Because of […]

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