Making the Decision to Adopt a Child with Clubfoot: Part IV

Meeting the challenges of a child with clubfoot is most likely very doable. You must also consider the other adjustment issues the child will also be having. To learn more about waiting children with clubfoot and other special needs, do register to receive information through Constant Contact.

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Clubfoot: Pre-Adoption Assessment of a Child Referral--Part III

When you are referred a child, you will want to have the child's condition evaluated. Nightlight provides an extensive list of health care providers who can evaluate your child and those who provide services once your child is home. If your child has clubfoot, you may want a specialist in this area to evaluate a child's file so that you can be very well-prepared for the types of treatment the child may need.

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Clubfoot: Treatments - Part II

The treatment of a child with clubfoot is usually very standard, but it takes diligence. Also care does not have to be expensive. Through the Shriners Hospital your child can receive excellent care at no cost to you.

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Clubfoot: A Special Need of Children from China - Part I

This is part one in a 4-part series on clubfoot. Many of the more than 2,000 children who are on the China special needs list have clubfoot. In general, it is condition that can be readily treated and treatment may begin while the child is still in China.

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