Instead of a gala this year, the staff of our California office are planning a fundraiser projected to raise $25,000 not by a dinner and auction, but by a SERVICE PROJECT! The service project will be done by our board, staff members, donors, and friends of the same.

We are partnering with Both Hands, an organization that helps Christian non-profits and adoptive families by coordinating a service project for a widow or widower in need. This is where you come in! If you can sweep, rake, clean windows, paint a wall, stuff envelopes, make phone calls, arrange food, or simply pray… then we need you! With your help, we have a chance, not only to raise the funds for orphans, but to also serve a widow, just like it talks about in James 1:27. Here’s how it works…

We have asked some churches to nominate a widow in need and now we are assembling a team of friends to complete a Both Hands Project. Then the team (including you) will send out fundraising letters to everyone we know asking people to sponsor us for the day, as we work on this widow’s house. All the funds raised go to Nightlight. It’s just like asking someone to sponsor you for a jog-a-thon.

This idea has been done over 1,000 times around the country already! Here is a link to a video that might help give you a good idea of what the Both Hands Project is all about.

Both Hands in 30 Seconds on Vimeo- Watch this video to understand in 30 seconds what we are doing.

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