“I think it was the best choice I made in my life and the most unselfish thing to do. It was nothing of bravery but just out of love for my son to have the best. I am so thankful he has a loving and beautiful family to share every special moment with him.” – a brave birthmother


“I just wanted to make sure you knew how special you made this process for me. I will never forget you and how much you went above and beyond. I could not be more pleased with my experience as a birthmother with you and Generations Adoptions. This is a highly emotional and challenging time for me and you all helped ease the pain and made the transition feel very natural. I am truly grateful that I was guided to you all. I would whole-heartedly recommend your services to others. Thank you!” – a brave birthmother


“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you and everyone there did for me! I am blessed God opened my eyes and showed me true love through Generations Adoptions and I share my story to all kinds of people (I owe that to you as a caseworker). HUGE THANK YOU!” – a brave birthmother


“I'm so glad he's got the life I wanted my baby to have. I know the Lord put us on each other’s paths for a good reason. We couldn't have been blessed even more. I thank the Lord that I made the right decisions for him and the parents I chose to raise him. They're doing the best job and giving him things that I know I would've never been able to give him. He is truly blessed with wonderful people. And for that all my pain I feel not having him in my life, his happiness means even more to me. I'm greatly appreciative that they still think of me as well.” – a brave birthmother


“I really appreciate all that you and the kind staff at Generations have done for me and my baby girl. The way you handled the placement process impacted my life, and helped me make the transition into a kind and compassionate adulthood. I'm still standing strong after all these years because of the help and counseling I received from you. So I really wanted to take time out of my day to send my thanks and love. During the adoption process, while I was still attending school, there were many girls struggling with their pregnancies, and some didn't realize placing was an option. Many of them could have used the care I was given, so if it means helping future unplanned parents understand that they have many options, and don't have to go it alone-- it would mean a great deal to me. It's a real blessing in my life to have met the adoptive family and their beautiful family. I have no regrets with the decision I made, even if it was an incredibly hard one. I sleep very well at night knowing that my baby girl is safe and happy.” – a brave birthmother


“I liked that my pregnancy counselor was there for me when I felt that I couldn’t talk to many people about what was going on.” – a brave birthmother


“I liked how understanding everyone was. I felt cared for and supported by the entire staff. I felt informed of all my options, and I liked hearing what others had chosen, because I’d never done this before and it helped me understand.” – a brave birthmother


“I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for just being you. You have helped me and I know so many others.” – a brave birthmother


“Hi, my name is Ashley and I actually placed with you guys last week. So things are still fresh. But I wanted to let you know my pregnancy counselor made this experience the most pleasant it could be for me. I thank her and the agency for that. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life, but the correct one. I couldn’t have picked better adoptive parents and I know they love my baby girl as if she were their own. Thank you guys for holding my hand and reassuring me the whole way through this and then some. I’ve been doing better emotionally and from the pictures I have received so far, the baby is doing great, and they are a happy, beautiful family. It’s nice to know that people and places, such as this agency, are helping women and families the way you are, that are out there to give young women and troubled women out there a better choice. Thank you all. God bless and may you all have a good year filled with joy and many blessings.” – Ashely, a brave birthmother

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