International Adoption Learning Resources

The resources below will provide you with information regarding the challenges experienced when pursing an international adoption. From issues with attachment to language and medical concerns, the International Adoption Education Recommended reading will provide comprehensive information covering all of these topics. 

Adoption Learning Partners: Offers a variety of online courses that meet the Hague’s requirements for international adoption.

Adoption Nutrition: An organization devoted to improving child nutrition around the world, but specifically in orphanages. This site provides excellent resources for families struggling with eating/food issues with their children. It also addresses nutrition issues by country.

Asia for Kids: Resources for families adopting from Asian countries (dolls, games, language CD’s, etc).

Attach China International: Focusing on attachment issues with children from China; offers resources and support.

Care for Children International: Dr. Frederici is one of the top specialists in the country for children who are very challenging; He is a neuropsychologist and well regarded in the international medical field.

Child Trauma Academy: An organization dedicated to improving the lives of high-risk children through direct service, research and education. Led by Bruce Perry, a renowned specialist in trauma and attachment.

Come Unity: Resources and support for parents who have children with special needs.

Cornrow Hair Instructions: A YouTube video.

Empowered to Connect: Post adoption resource from Karyn Purvis, PhD a specialist in attachment and working with challenging foster and adoptive children.

Eastern European Adoption Coalition:  A support network for families who have adopted from Eastern Europe. It includes online support groups — APR for pre-adoptive families and PEP for post adoptive families.

Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption: A support organization for families who have adopted from Russia, Ukraine and other neighboring countries.

Forever Families The Story Of Me Book A resource developed by telling the story of an adopted girl from China and allowing your adopted child to write their own adoption story.

Families with Children from China: Support network for families who have adopted from China.

International Adoption Clinic
: A letter from Dr. Dana Johnson to pre-adoptive international parents. It addresses issues facing pre-adoptive parents. He is one of the lead specialists in international adoption medicine.

International Adoption Education
: Recommended reading and resources include print and online help for adoption challenges (such as attachment, child development, language, and medical concerns), the stages of your adoption journey, how the Christian faith informs our decisions about adoption, and Children’s books and activities.

Medical Providers and Therapists for Internationally Adopted Children
: This guide points you to a listing of national and state-by-state providers. (This is not a link to a website, but a PDF document of Nightlight resources)

National Christian Adoption Fellowship: NCAF promotes adoption and child welfare services within the United States and abroad through a committed fellowship of Christian agencies.

National Council for Adoption: NCFA’s mission is to meet the diverse needs of children, birth parents, adoptees, adoptive families, and all those touched by adoption through global advocacy, education, research, legislative action, and collaboration.

Reece’s Rainbow: An international Down Syndrome orphan ministry that has helped with the international adoptions of nearly 200 children with Down Syndrome — most of whom would otherwise be in mental institutions around the world.

Russian Community Information: Lists Russian entertainment and educational opportunities in Orange County, California. Also provided is a listing of many other services offered in the Russian language.

The Harbor : This is a ministry in St. Petersburg, Russia. Their mission is to prepare orphans for successful integration into society. The Harbor believes life is cultivated best in a supportive family environment, not a classroom. They select orphans who have a desire to improve themselves, but have nowhere else to turn for the opportunity.

The Ultimate Guide to Adoption Travel for Expecting Parents: With the help of adoption experts, they have compiled tips for parents traveling by plane or car, and we also explained how to utilize points and miles for free flights and hotel stays. Our guide also includes what procedures to follow when adopting across state lines, as well as what travel insurance might be needed for any last-minute itinerary changes.

Twin Cedars Youth & Family Services: Specializes in residential services for adolescent boys and girls with a focus on serving teen mothers and their babies, sexually traumatized youth, sexually aggressive youth, and severely emotionally disturbed youth.

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