Adopting an Older Child

In the US, the average age of a child in foster care is 8 with more than 222,000 of these children between the ages of 7 and 18. More than one quarter of these youth (about 56,000) have a case plan toward adoption and not toward reunification with their parents or another family member.

The number of children over 7  years old who are available for adoption abroad is unknown. However, at Nightlight we receive an overwhelming amount of profiles for children who desire to be adopted and have been labeled “unadoptable” simply because of their age.

It is our desire, through education, that we continue to dispel the myths that adopting an older child means that your family will face exceptional difficulties.  Rather we seek to help families open their hearts to these children and the joy that these children can bring to your family and the difference you can make in their lives. Here are just a few myths we have heard against the realities we have experienced as professionals and adoptive families: Myths and Truths about Older Child Adoption

There are older children available through our international programs, through the foster/adopt program as well as the ReNEWed Hope program.

Alina and Karina's Story
Around the world and in your own neighborhood, families are made by international adoption.

Learn more about adopting older children: Adoption Learning Partners – Adopting the Older Child

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