The ever-increasing use of infertility treatments, particularly in vitro fertilization (IVF), has resulted in an ever-increasing number of embryos in cryo-preservation. For the families who have remaining embryos they don't plan to use, the only solution that gives the embryos a opportunity to live is donation for reproduction. Those embryos need a friendly womb!

Nightlight Christian Adoptions is a licensed adoption agency with over 50 years of experience in helping to build families and solve family problems. We were the first licensed agency in the nation to provide for the adoption of embryos. The focus of Snowflakes is to reach out to those post-infertility patients who have been successful in conceiving and giving birth to children through in-vitro fertilization and are now confronted with the decision of planning the future for their frozen embryos.

We follow the best practices of adoption for our Snowflakes program because you are hoping to give birth to a baby, a baby who is not genetically related to you. Our experience as an adoption agency compelled us to follow the traditional methods we knew would be in the best interests of the child, the donor and the adopting parents. Counseling is the a cornerstone of adoption. With a commitment to working with families of many different spiritual and ethnic backgrounds, Nightlight is well equipped to offer many viable alternatives to people wanting to provide a loving home to children.

The Snowflakes program is divided into four phases: 1.) Application 2.) Matching 3.) Contract and 4.) Shipping. Take a look at Snowflakes are Falling... a visual representation of our program. It demonstrates how you and the donor family move through your adoption journey.

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Roadmap of Your Embryo Adoption Journey


How Much Does Embryo Adoption Cost?

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