Nightlight’s Tulsa Foster Care program is designed for families interested in fostering older children and sibling groups with the individualized support of a private agency. Foster care is the placement of children with certified foster families for a temporary period of time.  The goal of our foster care program is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children where their needs are met and planning for their future occurs

In our Fostering Program, single applicants, families without children and families with other children are welcome. Successful foster parents are: flexible, stable, mature, dependable and patient. Families should have realistic expectations of the children they foster, have the ability to advocate for their children, and be able to work as a team with other family members, their social worker and other human services professionals.

Working with a private foster agency has many advantages. Our Foster Care Advocates have small caseloads and can offer more individualized attention. We will provide on-going training, support groups, as well as therapists for children with trauma or behavioral needs. Our staff also has experience with adoption and can help foster parents adopt if reunification is no longer possible for their foster child.

In Tulsa today there are 1,430 children in out-of-home care with only 285 tradition foster homes taking in children. Around 50% of children removed from homes in Tulsa county are placed out of county because of the lack of families. You could make a huge difference in the life of one of these children! Look here to learn more about foster parent eligibility!

Not sure if you are ready to become a foster parent? Support foster families and foster children by checking out the CarePortal to meet the current needs in Tulsa families, or by mobilizing your church to get involved by promoting Orphan Sunday and Stand Sunday.

Nightlight’s Tulsa office can help you foster a child is in desperate need of a stable family. For more information, please contact Jessica at 918-491-6767 or


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