November 2, 2020

What Are Your Home Study Options For An Embryo Adoption?


The inclusion of a home study in the embryo adoption process aligns with adoption best practices. Whether or not government entities officially recognize or regulate embryo adoption, the ultimate outcome is the placement of a child with parents who are not genetically related. The home study comprises various elements, including assessment, education, and preparation, offering peace of mind to the placing parents.

When adopting embryos, whether through an adoption agency or another entity, a home study is frequently a requirement. Nightlight Christian Adoptions provides an alternative option called the Snowflakes Family Evaluation (SFE), in addition to a traditional domestic home study. Here are some factors to consider when comparing the two:


Managing expenses is crucial for adoptive families. Home study costs vary widely, influenced by factors such as the region's cost of living and demand. Agencies may charge anywhere from $1,200 to over $3,000, plus travel expenses and a separate application fee. The SFE fee is $1,500, with no application fee, and includes travel expenses.


The SFE is available to all families, regardless of their state or country of residence. Traditional domestic home studies must be conducted by a licensed adoption agency in the adoptive family's state.


While some adoption agencies allow home studies to be amended for different adoption programs, the SFE cannot be modified to support any other type of adoption.


The SFE timeline is mostly within the adoptive family's control, with completion possible in 1-2 months (average 3-4 months). Domestic home study timelines vary based on the agency and state, generally taking longer.

Number of visits

Home study requirements vary by state, including the number of face-to-face visits. Most states require 2-4 separate visits for a licensed home study. The SFE only requires one home visit, potentially expediting the adoption process.


SFE paperwork is similar to a home study but often requires less documentation, providing more flexibility as it doesn't need to adhere to government regulations.

written by Beth Button 

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