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We’re wanting to ADOPT EMBRYOS from an embryo donor family

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We’re wanting to DONATE EMBRYOS to an embryo adopting family

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About Snowflakes

Snowflakes exists to empower couples with remaining embryos in frozen storage, to choose LIFE for those embryos by selecting an adopting family. Snowflakes is about HOPE. By the end of 2024 the program will have helped families give birth to over 1,300 babies. The Snowflakes program has been matching people with remaining embryos with the family of their choosing since 1997. It is the oldest and most experienced embryo donation and adoption agency in the world.

The Snowflakes program is the only licensed and accredited embryo donation and adoption agency in the United States. The Nightlight Christian Adoptions team has worked to fulfill the rigorous requirements to achieve recognition through the Council on Accreditation (COA). Nightlight received nearly perfect scores for our delivery of services and organizational integrity.

Our expert staff will serve you with kindness and clear communication. Snowflakes is a unique and successful embryo donation and embryo adoption choice. Contact us today and we will listen to your story and answer your questions.

God's Heart for Adoption

Our Snowflakes program services are all-inclusive

Helping embryo donors qualify and prepare for choosing an embryo adopting family.
Ensuring the embryo donation process follows FDA compliance.
Personal, thorough matching services done by people, not computers.
Proven and secure legal contracts for embryo donation and embryo adoption.
Experience and control your pregnancy. Give birth to your embryo adopted child!

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Approaching over 1,300 Babies Born Into Loving Families
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