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Pregnancy Counselor – Waco Office

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What I want to say to someone considering placing a child for adoption…

I am glad you’re here! I am so in awe of the strength and courage you possess. Considering adoption is not an easy thing, but I know that you are doing so because you care deeply about your child. Know that you are not alone – I am here to listen to you, talk with you, and walk this road alongside of you as you decide whether or not adoption is right for you and your child. Whatever your decision may be, you and your child are deeply loved.

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Pregnancy Counselor – Amarillo Office

Email: cathy@nightlight.org

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What I want to say to someone considering placing a child for adoption…

As an adoptee, I want to say thank you for choosing life! There is so much joy in knowing that sharing this beautiful blessing is an answer to someone’s prayers. Although the path is long, and often filled with fears and doubt, you won’t be alone. I will walk this journey with you, always with a listening ear and open heart. The decision is difficult and only for those who are brave and strong- like you! You are placing your child’s needs above all else. Adoption is not about finding a child for parents, but rather about finding parents for the child.

Nightlight helped me find the best family I could possibly have for my son. Regina was so sweet, caring, kind, and amazing when it came to helping me find a family for my son. She made sure I was 110% comfortable and she was absolutely amazing.
- Brave Birth Mom
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