Who Can I Talk To?

The best way to explore your emotions and struggles is to talk with someone you can trust. It’s not easy to open up. Having the assurance that the person you’re speaking to will keep your conversation confidential is important. At Empowered Choices, we have counselors standing by 24/7 to talk with you. The road to healing can be difficult, and we don’t want you to travel alone.

Tell Us About Yourself

We believe in building relationships, so it’s important you tell us about yourself. We’re here to help you. Are you dealing with one of the following?

  • An Unexpected Pregnancy
  • Post-Abortion Trauma
  • An Abusive Relationship
  • Telling Your Parents You’re Pregnant
  • Making An Adoption Plan

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re ready and waiting to talk with you.