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What I want to say to someone considering placing a child for adoption is…

The world will try and tell you so many lies about what you are thinking, considering, and feeling…. But we are called to not only look out for our own interests, but to take an interest in others as well (Philippians 2:4). What you are considering is brave, kind, and a reflection of selflessness. Our goal at Nightlight is to be a helping hand for you through this process. No matter what you decide, you are seen. You are supported. You are loved.

Nightlight made a difficult time in my life easier to cope with... they walked me through every step of the adoption process and never made me feel pressured in any of the decisions I made. My pregnancy counselor was an amazing source of refuge and comfort and always available to help with any needs or questions I had or just to listen and provide support.
- Brave Birth Mom
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