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Pregnancy Counselor – East & South Regions

Email: elexis@nightlight.org

Text or Call: (314) 596-1641

What I want to say to someone considering placing a child for adoption is…

Be encouraged that your decision to consider adoption is a selfless, courageous, and loving choice that you are making. This decision is not an easy choice. The fact you are considering adoption shows you are putting the needs of your child first before your own.


Pregnancy Counselor – Southwest Region and surrounding areas

Email: regina@nightlight.org

Text or Call: (417) 719-1573

What I want to say to someone considering placing a child for adoption is…

You are demonstrating responsibility and maturity simply by educating yourself about your options. Education is key. You are empowered to make a solid decision when you have all of the information you need to make a life changing decision.

If you reside in Missouri and need assistance carrying your child to term, the Alternatives to Abortion Program may be able to help. In addition to working with expectant moms who wish to make an adoption plan, Nightlight’s Missouri office is an Alternatives to Abortion subcontractor and can provide these services to any women who qualify. Click here for more information.

Nightlight helped me find the best family I could possibly have for my son. Regina was so sweet, caring, kind, and amazing when it came to helping me find a family for my son. She made sure I was 110% comfortable and she was absolutely amazing.
- Brave Birth Mom
My pregnancy counselor provided peace, comfort, care, and support during one of the darkest and most frightening times in my life. She helped me make the best but most difficult decision for my daughter’s future. She is special and we are so grateful for her commitment, care, love, and continued support.
- Brave Birth Mom
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