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Pregnancy Counselor


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What I want to say to someone considering placing a child for adoption is…

As you contemplate this decision, I know it can bring feelings of fear, concern, stress, and self-doubt.  Be encouraged that your decision to consider adoption for your baby shows immense bravery, selfless love, and strength! You are courageous and loving, and you don’t have to face these feelings and fears alone. I am here to encourage and empower you as you consider the options best for you and your baby. I promise to walk alongside you and provide a listening ear and support system as you walk this journey no matter what you may decide.


Nightlight made a difficult time in my life easier to cope with… they walked me through every step of the adoption process and never made me feel pressured in any of the decisions I made. My pregnancy counselor was an amazing source of refuge and comfort and always available to help with any needs or questions I had or just to listen and provide support.

- Brave Birth Mom