If you've discovered you are unexpectedly pregnant, you may be considering abortion. It may seem like the easiest solution at the moment, but it is important to recognize that any abortion is a serious medical procedure with certain risks. We want you to make an empowered choice for your pregnancy. Learn more about the different abortion procedures and what you need to do before you can schedule yours.

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Adoption seems confusing, but for some women, it is the right option for their unexpected pregnancy. When you make an adoption plan, you are still a mother, but you have chosen others to love and care for your child. Recognizing that now is not the best time to raise a child, for whatever reason, is both difficult and courageous. Learn more about adoption and if it's the right choice for you.

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Becoming unexpectedly pregnant is scary, and the idea of taking care of a baby seems impossible. Don't sell yourself short. You would be surprised at what can be done and the support you will receive. Being a parent is a challenging job for anyone, but you can be a wonderful mother. There are resources available, and we will help you locate them in your community.

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  • I was a twenty-year old working a full-time and part-time job, trying to make ends meet. I didn’t know what I was doing with my life, to be honest what twenty-year old does? When I found out I was pregnant I had so many questions running through my mind: How could I support another human being? How can I be a parent when I am still raising myself? I don’t make enough money! I decided to talk to someone about all my fears.
  • I liked how understanding everyone was. I felt cared for and supported by the entire staff. I felt informed of all my options, and I liked hearing what others had chosen, because I’d never done this before and it helped me understand.
  • I considered abortion when I first found out I was pregnant. My parents were pro-life and I didn’t really want to have an abortion but I was scared, alone, and was in a bad place. I went to a pregnancy center and then started thinking other options.
  • The people working here are AMAZING. No words can describe how beautiful the work they do is.
  • When I found myself facing an unplanned pregnancy, it was a scary situation...I was nervous. Katy got into contact with me. She was absolutely amazing. She made me feel so comfortable. I never once felt judged, or disrespected. If I had a question or concern…Katy had an answer or resolution. Very promptly I might add…I’m just extremely grateful I had Katy by my side.
  • I liked that my pregnancy counselor was there for me when I felt that I couldn’t talk to many people about what was going on.
  • I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you and everyone there did for me! I am blessed God opened my eyes and showed me true love…
You are braver than you know & stronger than you think.