The domestic adoption matching process described here is general and applies to Colorado, South Carolina and Southern California. For the specific details, please download the program information packets on the main Domestic Adoption page.

When will Nightlight match us with a birthparent?

Nightlight can begin matching women with an adopting family after a social worker approved the Homestudy and we have received the “Dear birthparent” letters and photo albums.

What criteria is a birthparent considering when selecting a family for her child?

When selecting an adoptive family who will love and parent her child a birthparent considers: ethnicity, religion, marital status and length of marriage, any previous marriages, age of parents, any other children in home, employment status of parents, financial stability, compatible personalities and openness to ongoing contact with the birth family before and after the child’s birth.

What parameters may an adoptive couple set before their profile is shown to a birthparent?

During the home study your social worker will ask what factors you are willing to accept in a child’s history. These factors include: ethnicity, exposure to drugs/alcohol/tobacco, disabilities, birthparent expenses, birthfather participation and requests for ongoing contact with the birthparent throughout the child’s life.

Do you allow adoptive couples to specify the sex of the infant they wish to adopt?

At this time, Nightlight is not able to accept applications from families who want to specify gender. Expectant parents want to know that their child will be accepted regardless of gender, and in some cases the sex of the baby are undetermined.

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Will you notify us when you are showing our profile?

We do not notify you when we are showing your profile. The wait to be matched is a roller coaster of emotions and we do not want to cause distress if you are not chosen.

If we have any questions before showing your profile to a specific birthparent, we will notify you so you can determine if you would like to be presented.

What happens when a birthparent chooses to meet us?

Her social worker will contact you to schedule a meeting at Nightlight. This allows both parties to get to know a little bit about each other. We suggest that you bring a small gift (i.e. flowers, scented lotion/bath products, etc.) for the birthparent.

If an in person meeting is not possible, a conference call may be scheduled instead. Following the meeting, the social worker will speak with both parties and determine if it is a match.

If we are engaging your services for an Interstate Adoption with birthparent screening and matching how will this process differ?

We will do our best to help a birthparent get to know you through e-mail or phone calls. You need to be prepared to travel to her state of residence if she wishes to meet you before the baby is born.

What if we are matched with a birthparent through another source?

Notify our office and your social worker immediately. You may qualify for a modified adoption and Nightlight can provide your birthparent counseling services. If the situation is one in which our agency will no longer be involved in your adoption, we will place your file on hold until we receive notification that your adoption is finalized.

Once the child has been in your home one year, contact our office to discuss your future adoption plans.

If you have any additional questions that were not addressed, please send us a message using our contact form or give us a call.