Just like many married couples, Matt and Charlie always knew they wanted to be parents. They dreamed of a large family, filled with laughter and joy. After eight years of trying to have a baby, that dream was becoming harder and harder to realize and then impossible after Charlie’s hysterectomy. Even so, they knew in their hearts they were supposed to be parents.

They pursued a traditional domestic infant adoption which sadly fell through at the last minute. Discouraged, they seriously began considering whether or not they should continue to pursue adoption or any other family building method.

They had expended tens of thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it.

Just when they thought they had run out of options, they received a surprise inheritance from Matt’s uncle, who suddenly and sadly died in a car accident. Their whole family agreed the couple needed to use the money to try again to have a baby. Matt’s sister, Julie, volunteered to be a gestational carrier for them. Charlie politely declined, remembering with sorrow her previous failed fertility treatments.

Julie, who was still willing to carry a pregnancy for them, suggested they investigate the Snowflake Embryo Adoption Program through Nightlight Christian Adoptions.

They applied to the program, completed a home study and were matched with a placing family. This family created embryos through IVF with donor eggs, which later resulted in the birth of their daughter. Next, the donor conceived a son naturally and decided to place their embryos for adoption through Snowflakes. They carefully reviewed several family profiles and chose to place their embryos with Matt and Charlie, knowing that Julie would be serving as their gestational carrier.

Daughter CJ was born much to the delight of everyone involved with making this dream a reality.

Matt and Charlie have an open communication agreement with CJ’s biological parents and siblings. They think it is especially important for CJ to have a relationship with her biological sister. Though she is older than CJ, she was conceived from the same set of embryos that CJ’s parents adopted. They know allowing their daughter to have that connection will be extremely beneficial.

“There is absolutely no heartache remaining. It is just a complete joy having her in our loving home. Our dreams are right here.”