Job Title: Foster Care Advocate
Email Address: [email protected]
Favorite Bible Verse: When I felt my feet slipping, you came with your love and kept me steady. Psalm 94:18
Favorite Adoption Story: One of my favorite stories was seeing my coworkers in a previous job adopt a child internationally. The family already had children of their own but knew their family was not yet complete. When their fourth child was born, they named her Quincy (which means five), because they were hoping to adopt a child who's age would place him/her above Quincy, making her the fifth child. After having five natural children, they began the process to adopt a boy, who they named Noble, from China. Noble's age fit perfectly in their family to make him their 4th child according to age. I loved watching this family believe in the future of their family and trust in God's timing.
Education: Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Science from Oklahoma State University
Responsibilities: As a Foster Care Advocate I recruit foster families, handle foster inquiries, and walk interested families through the process of fostering children. Once families start fostering children, I provide case management for the children and families. Along with these responsibilities I am also continuously working to develop our foster program to grow our community partnerships and family support resources.


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