Job Title: Foster Care Program Manager
Email Address: lexie@nightlight.org
Favorite Bible Verse: Ephesians 3:20-21
Favorite Adoption Story: One of my first cases as a foster care case manager was with a newborn baby girl. Her biological parents were very young and had several barriers preventing them from being able to parent her well. She was brought into foster care and placed with a brand new foster family. The foster parents, though nervous, partnered with her biological family from the beginning of the case. Over the course of the case the foster parents were able to build a partnership relationship with not only their little girls’ parents but her grandparents and many extended family relatives as well. Eventually, her biological parents decided they were unable to parent but wanted their little girl to stay in her foster home as her adoptive placement. It was through building such a beautiful, and difficult, relationship that the biological family came to know and trust the foster family enough to want their little one to stay with them forever. The little girl is now 3 and has been adopted for over a year but her biological family is still active and present in her life! The relationship these two families, who really now are one, has built is beautiful and messy and one of my favorite stories to have been a part of!
Education: Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences with a major in Human Development and Family Science from the University of Georgia.
Responsibilities: Ensuring that state requirements are met by our office and foster parents; providing case management for individual children and families; conducting match meetings with each family

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