Leah Lasley

Leah Lasley
Job Title: Pregnancy Counselor
Email Address: leah.lasley@nightlight.org
Favorite Bible Verse: Lamentations 3:22-23
Favorite Adoption Story: My favorite adoption story is from my own family. I was the first-born child to my parents and was an only child during the first years of my life. My parents had tried having more children and were not able to, so they began to pursue adoption. When I was 5-years-old, they got a phone call that there was a little baby girl that was born- that was when my sister became a part of our family! I still remember being filled with excitement about going to the hospital with my parents to meet my sister for the first time. Funny enough, my parents did end up being able to have one more child and my brother was born only 13 months later! I just love to be able to look back and see how God gave purpose to the challenging season my parents experienced to bring my little sister into our family before my brother came along.
Education: Bachelor's degree in Social Work in 2018 from Florida State University
Responsibilities: As a pregnancy Counselor, I counsel and educate expectant parents who are considering adoption. I assist them throughout their adoption journey by helping them make a hospital plan, connect them to resources, facilitate match meetings between the expectant parents and prospective adoptive parents, and offer continual support.


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