Jim Colombo

Jim Colombo
Job Title: Board Member
Favorite Adoption Story: For me, my favorite adoption story is really our own journey to becoming adoptive parents. My story starts on an early morning in 2001 on a day that I would not normally come into the office. I got into the office early that day and went to have breakfast, as I was waiting, I picked up a day-old newspaper. On the front page of that newspaper was an article about a 7-year-old orphan child, named Vika, that had just arrived in the U.S. for a 2-week stay with an American family. That evening when I presented the article to my wife, Susan, she immediately contacted the organization and arranged for us attend an event 2-days later at the LA Zoo. At this event I met this same child and spent the day showing her the wonders that every 7-year old child should never miss out on. For me, I felt grateful to share that experience. She was adopted by her host family and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her. This experienced launched us on our path to hosting and adopting two girls from Russia. The hosting was exciting and chaotic and produced such amazing memories. While the adoption process was at times challenging, as we navigated the legal and bureaucratic systems, it was by far a life changing experience. In 2002, when adopting our first daughter, Anastasia, we had the opportunity to stay in the orphanage giving us a unique experience to interact, play and get to know the children. When we returned in 2004 for our second daughter, Kasenia, we reunited with many of those same children. Many of them have now been adopted here in the local area. Over the years we have stayed in touch with many of them and from time to time have had the opportunity to provide mentorship.
Education: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology.
Responsibilities: It’s an honor to serve on the Board of Directors of Nightlight Christian Adoptions. With my experience as an adoptive parent and career in management, it is my desire to be able to provide knowledge and guidance with whatever the Board of Directors may seek.

Jim’s career started as a Mechanical Design Engineer developing & designing various industrial equipment & electronics.  As his career progressed, he then managed manufacturing and logistics. During his production management he developed new database systems and then integrated them into CAD & production software to increase production & product quality. This experience led to various logistic related management positions within ARCO & British Petroleum.  With his technical and management skills honed and a desire for more intellectual freedom, Jim & his wife Susan founded Pointe Vista Management, Inc. a real estate development firm and management company specializing in the Orange County CA multi-family market. Jim has served as President of Pointe Vista Management, Inc since 2002.


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