Job Title: Director - Post Adoption Connection Center
Email Address: heather@nightlight.org
Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 116:7 – Be at rest once again, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.
Favorite Adoption Story: I worked for many years in our international programs and I am filled with joy at each child brought into a family. There was one case where we had difficulty with getting paperwork completed by a foreign country and had been praying for months for everything to come through and be approved for a family to adopt their child. When we finally got news of the approval, I remember running down the hallway toward my supervisor as we hugged, cried, and rejoiced that this family would be bringing their child home. Even as agency staff, we carry each of these children and families heavy on our hearts and thank God for each family that He creates.
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Baylor University
Responsibilities: I focus on educating the community on adoption and training adoptive families before they bring a child into their home and after on the impacts of trauma on children. This training includes creative ways to bring connection between the parent and child through many parenting methods. I oversee our post adoption services which includes providing programs of support and connection to our adoptive families, children, and birth parents after placement. I also manage our post adoption tracking process for our international adoption programs.


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