Beth B

Beth B
Job Title: Snowflakes Family Evaluation Coordinator/Home Study Provider
Email Address:
Favorite Bible Verse: Mark 10:13-16
Favorite Adoption Story: I have a sister who is 9 months older than me and was adopted domestically as an infant. Since it was a closed adoption (as most were back then), we grew up with very little information about her birth parents. After nearly 40 years, my sister was contacted by her birth mother. Since then, with the support of our parents, she has formed a close relationship with her birth mother and her birth mother’s immediate and extended family. I was recently able to meet that family, who welcomed me into their home and lives with open arms, and who I now consider to be part of my family. The experience is very much a testament to the joys of open adoption!
Education: Bachelor of Science in Family Science, Brigham Young University
Responsibilities: Beth began her career in private residential child care before working for the state of Kentucky doing child protection for 5 years. She joined Nightlight Christian Adoptions (then A Helping Hand Adoption Agency) in 2004 as a Home Study Provider for families adopting internationally. She has also managed A Helping Hand’s domestic adoption program. She is now the Snowflakes Family Evaluation Coordinator for Nightlight.


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