Job Title: PAR Coordinator
Email Address:
Favorite Bible Verse: “Be Still and Know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10)
Favorite Adoption Story: Personally my favorite adoption stories are of my own children. My husband and I have 3 internationally adopted children, 2 from China and 1 from Vietnam. However, my favorite adoption story professionally occurred when I was working as an Adoption Coordinator for my previous agency, Children’s Hope International. We placed a 5-year-old boy from an African country who was HIV +. The little boy was shunned in the village where he lived because of his HIV status. He was forced to sleep alone in a hut at night. His story broke my heart. He now has a loving family and several brothers and sisters. I really saw God’s work at play in his adoption story.
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia.
Responsibilities: I am the post adoption coordinator for several of our international programs. My main responsibility is to track families’ post adoption report schedules to make sure the reports are completed on time. Once the reports are received in our office I prepare and send them to the receiving countries. I also provide families with post adoption resources, and information to ensure they complete the steps to obtain all of the necessary documentation for their children.


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