Why You Should Stop Waiting and Switch to the China Special Needs Program

If you have you been waiting for a “healthy” referral from China or are signed up to receive a referral from another country and have been waiting, you may want to consider making a change.  Last year, 2,040 children entered the United States through Intercountry adoption from China.  China remains the largest Intercountry adoption program […]

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Nightlight Foster Adoption Family Tells Their Foster Adoption Journey

By Kate Crain, Foster Adoptive Parent with Nightlight Christian Adoptions We thought raising four boys aged 15-23 gave us a good handle on parenting. With more time on our hands, now seemed like a great time to fulfill our dream of adopting. The Adoption Exchange website brought to life the children who are so often […]

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Making the Decision to Adopt a Child with Clubfoot: Part IV

Meeting the challenges of a child with clubfoot is most likely very doable. You must also consider the other adjustment issues the child will also be having. To learn more about waiting children with clubfoot and other special needs, do register to receive information through Constant Contact.

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