Charitable Hotels Partners With Nightlight Christian Adoptions

CharitableHotels logoOctober 2013

Nightlight is pleased to announce our working relationship with the organization Charitable Hotels. This business is America’s first non-profit Online Travel Agency (OTA) and they are cutting-edge business pioneers who are committed to bringing a new philanthropic concept to the travel industry. Nightlight Christian Adoptions is now one of the charities that Charitable Hotels partners with, allowing travelers to select our agency upon booking, as a recipient of donations that are generated by the commission that the travel agency would have typically gained in the booking process.

Although online travel is booked directly by the traveler, commission is still generated. The typical business model of the past was one where an organization would grow (boom or bust) and then, at a certain point, if generous, begin giving philanthropically to causes of their choosing. Charitable Hotels’ model is different in that it encourages donation of profits from the start. We are honored to be part of this new approach and see it as one more way to support our agency, while also offering travelers the opportunity to give back to a cause that they feel good about and that has touched their lives personally.

The process of using Charitable Hotels is very simple. It follows the same booking process as other travel agency sites such as or, but instead of just logging in and picking your travel preferences, you are given the option to select from a pull-down menu the organization you wish to support through donation of the booking commission that comes from your transaction. Nightlight Christian Adoptions is in that list and it takes just one click to give back.

The dollars we receive from these donations, along with those of our generous donors throughout the year, go to support the operation of our agency and programs, including the humanitarian aid work that we do domestically and internationally. We hope to see many other organizations follow the path that Charitable Hotels is paving and the philanthropic model of business shifting to be a more proactive, “from the onset” type of mentality. It helps us to do the work we love to do and to continue striving to create wonderful, loving families.

Visit: for information. To visit the Nightlight Christian Adoptions page, go to:

Book a Hotel Room, Benefit Nightlight

chlogo-sif1Are you traveling with your family this summer for vacation? For work? Are you planning to stay in a tent or a reserve a hotel room?

If a hotel room is a part of your plan, why not make your reservation through

Doug Gamble, an entrepreneurial spirit, developed an idea to financially help charitable organizations by building a website where you can make cost-effective hotel reservations at hotels located throughout the world – just like those other ‘big-name’ online hotel providers.

The significant difference is this: when you make your reservation through, Nightlight will receive a donation as a result!

The direct URL is Please add it to your bookmark list and put a sticky-note reminder on your computer screen to use this link the next time you need a hotel room.

Let us know about your experience. Wishing you a fun and rejuvenating summer fellow adoption advocate!

Your Nightlight Staff